Beyond #MeToo

In this section you will find a selection of resources, including seminars, presentations, worksheets and activities, that have been designed and curated to help empower youth workers to facilitate conversations about gender based violence with the groups that they work with. Please feel free to use any of the following media in your own youth work practice.

Project coordinator Vicky Ledgerwood provides a brief overview of the seminar series in this short introductory video.

The above presentation is the first in a series of seminars we have prepared intended for use by youth work practitioners to facilitate discussion around issues of GBV within their own communities.


The above slides are supplementary notes on having superficial discussions on the subject of masculinity.


The above slides are supplementary notes on facilitating deeper conversations around the issues covered in the seminar.

Worksheets & Activities

The following documents contain detailed instructions of activities you might find useful for facilitating discussions of a sensitive nature. Feel free to download and print physical copies of them for use in your own youth work practice.