Youth Residentials are just one of the many ways St. Paul’s encourages young people to develop new skills, learn about new places, and experience new adventures!

One of our most popular residentials is our week long summer trip to Camas, an outdoor activity center on the Isle of Mull. It challenges the young people to adapt to a life without electricity, and experience all of the adventures an outdoor activity center has to offer. Our young people have great memories of camping, hillwalking, canoeing, coasteering, rock climbing and spending time interacting with one another in an incredibly scenic and beautiful place.


Our Youth Forum has recently taken a trip to London to learn about politics and history, and had the chance to talk to a few of our MP’s. The young people also participated in a workshop focusing on the importance of voting and the role that young people can have in their government!


The residential programmes focus on providing young people with opportunities to learn and grow in new environments. We plan residentials based on the feedback we receive from the young people.