Complete the above puzzle to reveal our project logo. The jigsaw piece represents our understanding of gender-based violence (GBV) as a single part of a broader conversation about public health and overall health wellbeing.

Our logo has been the idea of or GBV peer educators and while based on our St Paul’s format has been designed to show a jigsaw piece and full stop.

Throughout our learning as part of this project, we have discovered the ‘conversations’ we have and are willing to have with everyone in our community is a crucial part of a jigsaw to put a full stop to all violence in our communities, particularly focussing on preventing and eradicating all forms of violence against women and girls.

Who We Are and What We Do to Prevent GBV in our Local Community.

Support for youthworkers

With funding from Erasmus+, One of the many aspects of our GBV focused work at St. Paul’s Youth Forum has been working to develop a conversation framework which we have used to support our own youth work team to raise their confidence, knowledge and skills around tackling and preventing gender-based violence (GBV) in our community.

We are delighted to share the approach we have developed around noticing and planning (where possible) your own conversations with young people you work with in your own youth work environments and wider communities.

We have looked at subjects such as healthy relationships, consent, porn masculinity and have provided suggestions of what tools, activities and resources we have found useful to use through each part of our conversations with young people.

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Resources for Youth Workers

Peer Education

Over the last year, we have been meeting regularly with a group of young people and providing them with the skills and confidence to affect positive change within their communities and with the aim of eradicating GBV.

We are excited for them to now use their knowledge and skills as peer educators to look at raising awareness of GBV among their peers within the youth forum and wider community.

The above series of animations were created by Glasgow-based animations studio Toad’s Caravan in collaboration with a few of our peer educators for the purpose of introducing the topic of GBV, its place in youth work, and the potential challenges it poses.

A Brief Introduction to GBV

In the following pages and clips, we hope to let you see a variety of resources, and also to empower youth workers with the necessary tools to facilitate conversations about GBV within their respective communities.

The following series of 4 clips will give you a basic overview of GBV and why we need to be talking about it with the young people we are working with.

Project Coordinator Vicky Ledgerwood offers a brief introduction to the topic of GBV in this series of bite-sized informative videos.

St Paul’s Youth Forum – In Conversation with Dr Jackson Katz

In May of 2021, we were delighted to host one of our first Erasmus+ multiplier events where we organised an online discussion with renowned GBV Prevention activist Dr Jackson Katz.

As most of our work so far has been developed from the idea that ‘conversation is key’ and during a global pandemic we took the opportunity to zoom with Jackson so, we grabbed a cuppa and along with Linda Thompson from Glasgow Women’s Support Project and Michael Hail (former StP youth worker, MVP trainer who is now living and working in Australia) discussed everything from what GBV is, what needs to change, what men and boys can do, ending with a call to action from Lind, Michael and Jackson.

To make it easier for you to access the conversation, we have split the hour-long chat into smaller bite-size themed snippets. All <<>> snippets are below…

Nine out of ten attendees reported an increase in knowledge and confidence in their own ability to engage with young people on the topic of GBV as a result of having attended the webinar.

The above playlist features a series of curated highlights taken from the hour-long webinar with anti-sexism activist Dr. Jackson Katz.

If you or someone you know has been affected by issues of GBV and are in need of support, please refer to our ‘Resources for Young People‘ section.

Thank you to our funders for their generous support, and without whom none of this would have been possible!